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LA River Recreation Zones

The LA River Recreation Zones are open for the 2015 summer season from May 25 (Memorial Day) to October 1.

The Los Angeles City Council has approved the program (Council File 14-0222), and it will again be located in a 2.5 mile-long zone in the Elysian Valley area of the LA River’s Glendale Narrows portion. The Army Corps of Engineers has also approved the program in the Sepulveda Basin.  See the program maps here: (Elysian Valley and Sepulveda Basin).

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, an agency of the State of California, will again administer the program and provide patrols of the area during recreation hours.

The successful pilot program in 2013 led to 2014’s re-authorization. 2013 saw hundreds of people enjoying the Los Angeles River in new ways, and for the first time allowed people to legally kayak in this beautiful section of the river.

The river is a recreational treasure in the midst of a large city, and like urban waterways around the world, it is both easily accessible and easily impacted by humans. City of LA in conjunction with the Council for Watershed Health monitor water quality in the L.A. River. The river can be enjoyed safely by kayakers and other recreational users with appropriate precautions.

During the program season, from Memorial Day to September (May 30 - September 30), people will be permitted to enjoy recreation activities such as walking, boating, and fishing in the Los Angeles River itself. Please review the safety guidelines and the program’s rules and regulations before visiting.

For full program information, please visit the MRCA’s recreation zone website at

Sepulveda Basin River Recreation Zone


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