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Mayor Garcetti and Army Corps Announce Interim Flood Control Measures on LA River 01/08/2016
Mayor Garcetti  and Army Corps  Announce Significant Milestone For L.A. River Restoration 12/18/2015
Mayor Sees ‘Watershed Moment’ For Congress Restoring LA River 12/18/2015
The LA River in the Valley Will Be Getting New Biking and Walking Trails 10/16/2015
Mayor Garcetti and Supervisor Kuehl Announce $6 Million Investment In L.A. River Valley Greenway 10/15/2015
$1.3 Billion LA River Habitat Restoration Plan Unanimously Approved in DC 07/16/2015
Mayor Garcetti and Army Corps Announce Significant Milestone for LA River Restoration 07/16/2015
The Plan to Bring Nature Back to the Los Angeles River 04/25/2015


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Army Corps, City Officials Announce El Nino Prep Work Along LA River 01/08/2016
O’Farrell, Martinez Announce LA River Recreation Zones For 2015 05/29/2015
My Letter in Support of Alternative 20 for the Los Angeles River 11/26/2013


LA Stormwater

Rapidly Loving LA’s River 07/10/2014
Flocking to the LA River, Part 1 06/02/2014
LA Welcomes New Greenway 05/29/2014



LADWP, Councilmember LaBonge to Commission Headworks Reservoir East 06/17/2015
Sunnynook River Park, a Priority of the Los Angeles River Master Plan,
to Increase Recreational Space, Expand Watershed and Improve Ecology of the Are


CA - 34, Xavier Becerra

Congressman Becerra on Federal Funding For LA River to Prepare for El Nino 02/09/2016
Letter to the President 12/15/2015



LAFD Rescues “Lucky” Dog From Rain-Swollen LA River 01/30/2015



River of LA  
Friends of the Los Angeles River  
Assembly 51, Jimmy Gomez 04/23/2016
CA - 40, Roybal-Allard 04/22/2016



KCET, Journalist.  
The River In The Limelight 04/23/2016
Worthy of Love: San Fernando Valley Locals Continue to Rally For Their Portion of the L.A. River 03/23/2016
Our Oddball River: Poking Good-Natured Fun at the L.A. River 03/14/2016
Los Angeles Conservation Corps Offers New Beginnings 02/25/2016
What Does the Army Have to Do With It? A Brief History of The Army Corps of Engineers and the L.A. River 01/11/2016
What's Taking Los Angeles River Revitalization So Long? 11/25/2016
Integrating Arts and Culture into LA River Revitalization, 10 Feet at a Time 10/09/2015
A Gehry-fied River Exposes LA's River Anxieties 08/20/2015
Beer for a Better L.A. River 06/26/2016
L.A. River Revitalization: A Century-Old Idea's Time Has Come 12/19/2012
The History and Future of the L.A. River with Shelly Backlar, FoLAR 01/27/2011
LA River History with Environmental Writer, Jenny Price 01/27/2011
Journalist Patt Morrison on the Past, Present, and Future of the LA River 01/27/2011
Councilman Ed Reyes on the Resilience of the LA River and the Revitalization Plan 01/27/2011