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The Los Angeles River Revitalization brochure--partially pictured above--is a 2-sided panel measuring 36" x 10" that folds into a handy 6" x 10" document.

The brochure may be viewed or downloaded online.

It may be printed using these two methods:

1. Continuous document (36" x 10") for printing on a graphic plotter

Front English (0.3 mb) Spanish (1.4 mb) Korean (0.9 mb)

Back (map) English (3.2 mb) Spanish (3.3 mb) Korean (4.5 mb)

2. Individual 8-1/2" x 11" pages that may be pieced-together

Front English (0.3 mb) Spanish (1.0 mb) Korean (0.9 mb)

Back (map) English (4.3 mb) Spanish (5.3 mb) Korean (4.9 mb)